Jepson Herbarium Workshop: Monkeyflowers May 17-20, 2018

The Flowers Formerly Known as Mimulus

May 17 – 20, 2018
Naomi Fraga and Steve Schoenig
Kowana Valley Folk School and Lodge, Coulterville, California

Monkeyflowers are one of the showiest, diverse, and widespread groups within California and BIG taxonomic changes have happened to them recently. California representatives of the genus Mimulus have been split into three genera: Erythranthe, Diplacus, and Mimetanthe. In the past five years, 13 species have been described as new to science. And, in papers leading up to the Flora of North America North of Mexico treatment for Phrymaceae, up to an additional 20 species of monkeyflowers have been recognized as occurring in California.

Team-taught for the second time, this class will explore all of these exciting developments in the context of learning the cohesive species groups (sections), which, once recognized, allow non-experts to master the otherwise difficult monkeyflower key. Classroom activities will include gorgeous slideshows to show both rare and common monkeyflowers from all over the state and keying fresh plant material as a group. Field trips (with moderate hiking) to beautiful natural flower gardens in Yosemite National Park and nearby forests will allow appreciation of up to 20 species of monkeyflowers and many other Sierran endemic plants in their natural habitats. Instructors will be bringing many additional monkeyflower species from other parts of California for study in the classroom. Participants will receive a handout including modified keys, relevant literature, and a working draft of the instructors’ book project on the monkeyflowers of California.

Accommodations: Shared dorm for 14 is available, plus camping space for additional students. Showers and flush toilets are available.
Meals: Catered meals provided from dinner on Thursday through lunch on Sunday.
Transportation: Personal vehicle required for accessing field sites (carpooling possible).
Hiking: Moderate
Start/End: Thursday, 4:00 pm – Sunday 2:00 pm

Course Fee: $625/$655*

*does not include National Park entrance fee

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