Kowana Valley Folk School

The Facility

The Facility

The lodge is a 2700 sq ft building that accommodates overnight guests and meals. People staying elsewhere locally can also come and participate in a workshop.

You can stay in a private room with private bath, share a bunk room with others, or stay in a pet friendly family suite. There are a total of 4 ½ baths for guest use. A covered deck, a screened in porch and a patio make for relaxing on a summer eve. With two swimming holes to stay cool on hot days, a limestone cave to explore, and many trails to walk on 300 acres, there is no shortage of things to do here.

For those who want to vacation with their horses, we have a five stall horse barn. You can ride for miles around the many trails on the property, or ride out the front gate onto miles of national forest roads and trails.

We are “off the grid” here. We generate all our power from solar panels, and if we use more than we make, we have to run the gas generator. It is a good place to learn about conservation and living within your energy means.

We have a unique phone setup – the phone receiver and transmitter is on the mountaintop and wired down to the house. So calls can be made out in emergencies. Your hand held cell phone will not work here, unless you take a hike to the top of the mountain.  So this is a great opportunity to truly take a vacation from it all!  Same with internet – a hike to the top of the hill and your smart phone should work fine. But why bother!

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